Theodent kids chocolate toothpaste

Did you know, studies have shown children can ingest anywhere between 30%-75% of toothpaste while brushing? Quite worrying when you read the federally mandated warning labels that caution consumers against the ingestion of fluoride-based toothpastes.

Cats play fish

And you thought your cat was independent...

Braided leather earbuds

Ditch those gnarly, plastic wires for a pair of stylish woven leather wrapped earphones.

What your handwriting says about you

Did you know that how you write can indicate more than 5,000 personality traits? Check out this 'handy' infographic to learn what your handwriting says about you.

How to tell if an avocado is ripe

Cut out the guess work with this handy ripe-or-not cheat sheet.

Caramellissima Swatch watch

Take a trip down memory lane with this candy-inspired, dolly-beads style watch from Swatch.

Designer groceries

If our everyday grocery shopping was designed by the fashion elite, our kitchen shelves would probably look something like this, according to Peddy Mergui's exhibition.

Mohop vegan shoes

These eco-friendly and vegan shoes feature interchangeable ribbons for nearly infinite design options with just one pair of soles.

Romwe sheer long sleeves floral dress

Lovely Baroque style floral printed slim fit dress ($39.89), featuring sheer full-length sleeves, collar, buttoned cuffs and concealed rear zipper.